Slowing Down

Today, I made it out for a walk.  This probably doesn’t sound like much, but after a pretty rubbish Xmas and some nasty symptoms resulting in a couple of duvet days, this feels like progress.  What doesn’t feel like progress is my newfound inability to run.  I made it through 500 metres of easy jogging before something happened, and I’m still not sure what it is.  Annoyingly, the slightly worrying chest pain could be anything from breathing cold air to heartburn to complete loss of fitness, lung or heart side effects.

Whatever the reason, I was forced to take things pretty slowly and it turns out that Hainault Forest is quite pretty.  I mean sure – I like finding scenery on a run but walking pace really forces you to take in the views.  So as I seem to be restricted to the gentlest of exercise, I’d better find some new easy going pursuits.  So watch this space for further updates on knitting, jigsaw puzzles, lawn bowls and regularly falling asleep.