About Me

What’s the worst that can happen? It already has… So let’s go!

My name is Nathaniel Dye and at the age of 36, I was diagnosed with stage 4/incurable bowel cancer. I hope to survive at least a year, but my chances of making it past five are under 10%.

I may be dying but, for now, I choose to live and show the world through words and deeds that it’s possible to live a full life post-diagnosis. I owe it to everyone I love and who is supporting me along the way to keep going, keep running and stay as fit and active as possible in the hope that I can live that little bit longer. To raise awareness along the way in the hope that others – unlike me – can maybe catch cancer early enough to give them a hopeful prognosis.

I’m proudly fundraising for Macmillan Cancer Care because they have already given me so much support in the form of medical information, counselling, media opportunities, a free will, and the chance to enjoy one last London Marathon. Macmillan are well and truly there for people with cancer and those around them and your donation will really count!

And if you need any more reason to spread the word or even making a donation via my Just Giving page, I’m planning to keep running, making music and even do both at the same time by running the London Marathon whilst playing the trombone. Everyone who donates can choose a track for the playlist. And before you ask (at least four people have already), I’ll only play Flight of the Bumblebee if you pledge over £100, because that is …erm…a bit ambitious!

I probably won’t survive long enough to achieve all of my bucket list, but here is a statement of intent. And one thing is certain: if I don’t make it all the way to the top of Everest, I’ll die trying!

If that doesn’t deserve a small donation to charity, I don’t know what does!

Oh and whilst I have your attention, please please please return your screening tests and go to the doctor if you notice a change in bowel habit or blood in your poo!