Overwhelmed Much!

I’ll write a blog or series whenever I’ve processed the utter craziness of the past two weeks but for anyone waiting on an update:
Long term prognosis hasn’t changed but remaining cancers are ‘under control’ and I now have at least 6 weeks to do some living before chemo starts again.

Given the circumstances, this is as good as it gets!


  1. Ah just read about you in the Telegraph. Life it is cruel at times. I hope your lifestyle previously aids you in fighting this. Symptoms are so hard to distinguish – talking about stool consistency should be as common as women now talking about the menopause.
    You can control how your mind responds to this, even if you cannot always control your body. Life is a pesky critter. Please remain optimisitic, engaged and keep sharing your story.

    • Thank you! That’s the plan.


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